About Us

VanillaShanti is an eco-friendly yoga jumpsuit designed by model @Vanillaontop.  The Eco-Wear Jumpsuit is made from recycled ocean plastic and includes all-in-one meaning it has a sports bra, top and leggings all together.  The VanillaShanti brand supports environmental sustainability, mental health, and encourages women to feel comfortable in their own bodies.

Our Story: 

VanillaShanti was created by model and social media content creator @VanillaonTop (Paula Pötry) in 2019.  The jumpsuit was a playful idea of how to combine a near full-time travel lifestyle and piece of mind Zen- mentality, simultaneously. VanillaShanti represents the best of both worlds- with its shiny materials the jumpsuit can be worn even on the red carpets of the London Fashion Weeks, where it was present in 2019 and with its light breathable fabric it is the perfect match for any sports and yoga activity.  With only using high quality manufacturers and fabrics the brand takes a stand as a supporter of the international human rights, guaranteeing humane working conditions for everyone involved in creating the brand. 
"I think being a confident woman and doing yoga, being mindful and meditate, we can still show the sexiness and dress well.  We need to be proud of our curves in any shape of bodies." - Paula Pötry, Founder and Creative Director